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Met First Goal and Blizzard of Snowflakes

February 23rd, 2013 at 06:13 pm

Alot has gone on since my last post. First thanks to everyone for wishing my DH well. He is doing much better! He is back to work and his back is feeling fine for now.

I have met my first real goal of the year and that was to fully fund my Roth. Yay! First time I have fully funded so I was extremely proud that I followed through with it.

My DH has a Traditional IRA and it hasn't been doing near as well as my Roth. I have been contemplating converting it for a while to a Roth instead. We did finally do this the other day. Also I had an old work 401K that needed to be moved into my Roth. So just some things that needed to be done and I kept putting off....Feels good to have them done. Also my son has a mutual fund for college that I added $600 to so I am glad that is done as well.

We have had what seems a blizzard of snowflakes. We have an aflac accident policy so my DH received $330 for hurting his back. It doesn't cover him being off work for a week but it sure does help. I have a birthday Monday and have received $200 in b-day money. One completlely surprising was Farm Bureau called DH and told him we had been paying a little too much for his truck insurance. So they are cutting us a check for $100. We haven't received that yet so not quiet sure on total just a guestimate on our agent's part. I think it has been a pretty good month for snowflakes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!